Something simple to think about

Man should not always put himself last in his considerations. Rather, only that which is close enough to him has any significance for him. Everything else will get lost in the room and would not be of any importance to him.

Starting from ourselves, we look at this world with its oh-so-nested structures and try to look at them. Thoughts and ideas about this come to us. That happens. Sometimes we can hardly assign everything correctly, which occurs there with us and affects us. That's what they want us to understand. But a whole lot of things are still understood correctly by us. But this crowd will be finite of its kind. That is why it is safe to say that we should also find our way back to ourselves after having looked at the world. To this we turn around and add what we have learned to our knowledge. There we are already completely with us again, if we acknowledge this connection, which leads to the own. Our attention should be fundamentally focused on our own existence and proceed from it. What is known to us, that has existed before ourselves.


The position of the self

Starting from the body of a human being as a physical structure with life, there will be something about us somewhere that gives us our own personality. The author Schneider would like to believe in such a source.

But now it will also be so true and given that we humans are mobile because we can move and walk. There we take both with us, the causal source of our self as well as our own personality. To this end, we simply retain what we have been given.

Consequently, it will be on ourselves that we will be what we are. It is hardly imposed from the outside. Instead, we carry it with us.


Establishing a limit to actual needs

The conditions of modern times allow mankind to do a lot of precarious things. It is all too easy to get entangled in the idea that you are too much focused-on consumption and thus on acquiring money. But you can protect yourself from that. One should really do the same.

What things do we need? - This inconspicuous question can open the door to the consumer's intoxication with the goods. There he will be stupid and foolish when he starts to enumerate what he would not have at the moment. Should he get all that? Is this gonna be okay? Or can it be true that there is also another way for us humans? Yeah, wouldn't we own enough already?


Having something beautiful to own

The things given to us become more valuable through our own reference to them. Thanks to this we learn something about the matter and receive a corresponding inner illustration from us. It would not be possible to purchase one. Even the procurement of new goods would not change this. That illusion about the need for such goods that occasionally arises in our society is one that can sometimes mislead us. We buy a lot of things we didn't need. On the other hand, using the resources already available will probably enable us.