The present generations leave no legacy, but a destiny they have never shared. They have not made the impossible possible, but the possible has become impossible because of them.


A thought is something you carry around with you. We call this the presence of mind. It does something immediate.


The problem of addressing phenomena

Man's task in this existence would not be fulfilled as long as there is no possibility of correctly addressing those components of his own world of thoughts and ideas and therefore, he would not be able to exist with his own goods.

If you don't care about anything, nothing has been important enough to rightly try to do something good with it. Then he will better leave it alone and give up what will otherwise be given to him for possession. To lose everything, one only has to realize that everything is insignificant. Then this existence becomes null and void, an absurd colloquium of misjudgment of the given takes place in one's own mind. Everything that is real is thus dissolved and remains in this state permanently. That's the last straw. A cacophony of sounds, a hodgepodge of thoughts, confusion of the senses and loss of access to the imagination then define him. I take such an existence as the starting point of our journey on the road of incarnation.

Only there where man can grasp the unity, will he have the full potential of the whole. Each step towards the construction of the given will reduce this power, bind its substance and dislocate space. Let's deal with that, but let's be careful. It would not only be a long way from solitude to personality, it should also be possible to go this way again and again. It is supposed to close the circle again and again and thus give the meaning of the road to the path. On this we can explore, guide, approach and participate.

The attributes we bring with us equip us with hands, because we guide and hold them. Our strength is tied to this, but it also becomes a form. This is done by inspiration based on certain phenomena that are our own. These should and want to be addressed. Opportunities for this exist but are always limited and finite. Thus, an entity becomes the cause of personalization and serves it by giving up the oversized potential of possibility. Order is established when a general condition is recognized as valid.

But order is determined, is habitual and represents the basis that equips us.

Now it will slowly be time to list the elementary ones in between. This should be a first step towards an understanding of a person's equipment. Whoever has set out as such to be one himself does well to point out the connections between them. For this purpose, these can be named, designated and preserved. Once we have created a first sketch of what makes us what we are, we will soon be able to present something that will distinguish us.

We will hardly survive in the realm of suchness for long. We understand this as a higher nature, because it has the highest that can be given to us. Everything and nothing appear there in independence from each other and exist for themselves.

Such a thing and the essence of man would not go well together for a long time. There, all and nothing separates, but still refers to each other. Several spectral differentiations appear and form structures and spaces with spirit and experience. All things appear and build forms. Without having them, there would be no world as an apparition. We should therefore confidently take it for granted that there are many states and stages that one can reach and leave.

Stasis, staying at one level causes a loss to us. Only then, when we go all the way and leave our own attitude, will we reach a real goal and adopt a real attitude that will be appropriate to it.

Without a change of attitude there is no movement for us, without the abandonment of a potential no path appears to us. But that is supposed to have been only the beginning and the end of the matter, for which it is necessary to show what is prescribed for us as man in this existence.

Posture, position, orientation should be three independent characteristics of the physicality of a person. The inside and the outside appear as mobile orders of magnitude and have remained capable of transformation.

However, once a person changes from potential to potential, his impulses will experience meaning. There he is strengthened and can train himself. Without understanding the essence of an order, this would not be possible for us well. It will be rejected that one prefers chaos to order. This is supposed to bring about a lot of unpleasantness, which can hardly help us.

But since it is real that there would be nothing that would help in the long run, man has to tackle the chaos temporarily. He has to focus on his own restlessness in order to maintain his motorization. Dualism should not be a principle of duality alone, but that of multiple duality, which is well suited to unifying everything and nothing without fundamentally losing its given independence. This is not meant to be something higher, nor will it have to be insignificant. Therefore, one can know what is given to us.

This will all be unfinished, and nothing would be left to be settled if the given would not be left as it really appears. So, a stability of man will be found in the fact that he endures what his existence fulfills. Not all of this would please him, but it will also be truly given in such a way that he would not have to chum up to this existence just to exist himself. Rather, it will be his power that will become clear to us, because he still exists.

If all this would not matter, it would still be changed, and at some point, the hands of man would be bound in this respect. Whoever has missed something loses this sphere of influence and can hardly regain it, in terms of time. You have to accept and allow it, that is, gain insight and give it up.

Whoever quits there wouldn't be wrong. It wouldn't always be the way we think things are. With every new change of posture, other states of mind come along and create the potential basis for something new. No one can or will rise above it. This is supposed to be the yoke of man. This can be compared approximately with this consideration given here.

Every human being has to look at everything anew at any time and understand how it really is. That will be the only thing for which there is a certain amount of certainty. One has to deal with a whole handful of things in order to cope with such a given situation as it is determined by such a being of things. Those who take the easy way out will hardly be able to stand up to this.

In order to exist as a human being in this world, it should be our own task, which gives us prestige and opportunity. Without this, there will be no progress of anything. Without a certain amount of progress in this existence, it would certainly be nothing more than a step backwards, which is possible for us. If we would not accept this, we will never realize that it is permissible to fail in this existence as a human being. Meanwhile, the system of the world remains one of decline. All human activity can only be a rebellion against it. But what, if it were not failure itself, can basically make man capable of seeing these things in the right light?

One need not be afraid of the real inability of oneself. Rather, it should be the wrong success that really threatens us humans. In this life the decline has been less threatening than a fatally achieved optimum of perfection will be. Such a decline is the natural course of things and as such one accepts it. Everything else, on the other hand, will be something artificial and will therefore have to remain barren.