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Dear reader,

here on this page on alchemy, the author Schneider consistently conducts linguistic experiments in order to create something in the network of the internet, which in its own way tries to show a new view of contemporary alchemy, that actual field of emerging and existing things.

This art form will still exist. Admittedly, it would often no longer run under such a name. Nowadays, alchemy from the past is too far-fetched and disreputable from the point of view of our present time. Unfortunately, some people consider it to be too little founded and too often carried out in a speculative manner. In addition, it has not been regarded as contemporary by its nature in recent times. However, this is something that has yet to be confirmed.

A presence of the present time, as we are increasingly finding it in our own country, made Schneider reflect a little. A lot of things have changed directly in recent times for us humans. Some of it is already considered normal, which for some of us would be far from occasion.

That actual access to general information all over the globe at the same time, in equal quality and with little effort at any place makes the author believe something. This is the work of mankind, what is created by means of the Internet. It is a constantly advancing refinement of the power of civilisation which is visible here. This is formed by the people themselves while they create and maintain such a thing.

Nowadays, we are once again faced with the entire human race culturally with actual crossroads within this circle of the earth, so it is everyone's business to fix it for themselves and also to understand for themselves what causes it. Some things seem to be happening these days without us being able to explain why this is so. One takes care of oneself there. One speaks quite rightly of what is there and what it is that makes it known to you.

It should be true that we first have to learn to recognize what is created while we use the Internet. This has created another, even new area for communication with people. This has its own channels, its own control mechanisms and, in addition, probably soon artificial forms of influence (A.I.).

However, a person also needs a certain amount of calmness in order to act as intelligently as will be necessary for him. It brings you to your senses, makes you think about what you want. The questions of the time should be made clear to us. There we make them by their own example. So, something can come of it. This should be the real thing for us, from which we will continue to draw something in the future.

How's Schneider taking it? - As an 'art-trash' activist, one of the author's main concerns is to bring calm into the system of communication. That is why he has described his own in such detail, so that one can see for oneself how he does it. When writing about his work on arts, he often takes the question of what it is like for him, what is going on in his area right now, as a starting point. This is closer to him than world events. In his reflections he therefore increasingly departs from the greatness of the world and begins to refer clearly to the simple and trivial aspects of his cosmos as a human being. He would like to deal with such facts in literature.

This Wiki is now supposed to be one of those forms of alchemy that Schneider himself acknowledges. It is possible and predetermined for him to describe such a thing. He willingly makes a commitment to the natural way of transforming the given. He sees his writings as a supplement to what already exists and is given. At the time when he set out to add his actual thoughts and ideas to the things already said about him, he did not yet know what that meant. At that time everything was still open and undetermined, which has already found its place today. In life, the relevant things are preserved by the happiness of a person. Such a thing would not be understood without reason. One may deceive oneself, but one has also at times been given the gift of freeing oneself from such confusion of words. There you see it as it really is.

Schneider himself is such a fortune teller who has determined the boundary conditions of his existence. A knowledge of those sometimes-occurring changes in a person's consciousness is thus consolidated, but they would not be caused by it. Thanks to the reading of real writings on this existence, one can obtain something to reflect oneself and one's own existence. That's one's own work. Such a thing should be significant for someone who knows how to recognize the qualities of what comes to us as an inner image.

The method used here to determine the words is explained in detail by the author. He himself assigned his writings to the formation of speech. This is the only system for creating such writings in which he has been taught by another person in a benign manner. That's when he started reciting poetry. One such by Hermann Hesse has remained in his approximate memory. 'Strange to wander in the fog' is one line from it.

With his writings, Schneider would like to introduce you to a form of his own world of thoughts and ideas that has been correctly prepared in linguistic terms. He has opened up his fund to the readership because all this has been lying dormant in secrecy for too long. In this way the author tries to overcome his stasis. Now you can get a real picture of the basis of his work.

What happens here will be in Schneider's spirit anyway. So, he wants to introduce it to you. He started to write this work in the past, because he simply possesses the necessary power. With their help, he wants to get the rest of the work done for himself.

Please take a look around here yourself. Note what they are really interested in. He would now like to wish you much joy in return. Feedback on this Wiki is welcome. (e-mail: This leaves

kindest regards

the author Mathias Schneider