The secret of life would not be something that you would simply pass on to other people. Hold back what is proper to you. Let it collect itself.

That way something concentrates on you. Your mind is getting rich.


What can a person possess? - We all have a chair, a cup, a spoon. These are supposed to be the material things, which are manifested by the way we make use of these three things.


Stay with it and persist

Man can accomplish something in a special way when he has found a task for himself which will really suit him. Once a person has decided on such a task, he can find his way. There he should take up the good connected with this matter promptly and use it for himself at work. He will learn how to get involved.

How can everything become something with us? - You're supposed to be there and participate. To do this, you let someone else pick you up. That way you become integrated and, poof, you're already part of it. One should not reserve oneself too much towards one's fellow human beings. They also want to get along. Every single person wants to experience something beautiful.


Working with a positive matrix

By a matrix I mean a regular or irregular tissue. Its structure will be visible. This is caused by the manufacturing technique used for a thing and contributes to its stability. The quality of the raw materials also determines the quality of a work. Those nodes or connections that appear on it do the rest so that it can appear as it is.

Even a painted picture has such a matrix in itself. If the material is also applied in single strokes, it still has a structure. Paintings have something of a tapestry about them. While the knots of a carpet are at best executed regularly, the painter also maintains a certain style.

Schneider understands a positive matrix as a visible and effective structure of things. This can be perceived and recognized. You can also read something off of it. The handwriting of a worker is revealed there.


The picture as a number field and its harmony

For exploration

Every word, every form, every term, every thing results as an embodiment in a matrix, which corresponds to a simple numerical value. That will be evident. To train this subject would certainly not be an easy task, because it is usually overlooked. It all seems so self-evident to us that we probably wouldn't pay attention to it. Meanwhile, the amount of a matrix alone rarely allows precise conclusions to be drawn about its nature. One such will have to be investigated. For this purpose, one should learn to understand the essence of the basic matrix. That will be the zero matrix. It is a tensor of a certain order and is also to be understood as such.

So, in this world numerical values occur as a phenomenon. These are inscribed in the real things and form their intensive effectiveness. Something about it comes up and makes an appearance. This will happen according to the order of these things.

The order of the given

Schneider always understands the image of the matrix as an actual image space in which things will emanate. This is also intended to serve as an arrangement of what is given.

Equipped with this thought, we at work should be able to exert an influence on what we represent. There we want to examine the construct of this world and begin to understand its actual order. However, it should not only be about playing with the given. Some things are certain. The given is to be viewed and evaluated. This way we get a real return value, our impression.

Something is done step by step by us in a meaningful way, so that it can become true that we understand the essence of things correctly.

Have your own impressions

Schneider likes to paint and draw, and often does so in his own style. He found the resulting work of his own accord. Yet he has often been happy that this has happened. Then, when he succeeds in something good again, he is happy about it.

Sometimes he manages to work on a new work for one or two hours. His powers are limited throughout.


The manifest One

Everything as a whole, formed from the whole of this world, would not be alone only that which reflects what is good, true and right. It also has something of its own from which it can grow and flourish.

The goodness of this should not be underestimated. Those who maintain order in their own lives with rigour are also fighting to preserve such conditions. Everything that really exists will be fine there. A decay of the given is thus slowed down and perhaps even prevented. Without this power of man, which allows him to see the whole as a whole, such a thing would not be possible.

The first approach is therefore as already given.

[All] = [The whole as a whole] with [The good, true and right + the bad] = [The presently given]

There will be something to consider.

[The Decay of the Given] = [The Good, True and Right] with [The Bad] = 0

In principle, this approach is justified, as it leads to the following consideration.

[The preservation of the given] =1: 1: 1 = 100%


Practicality first

No matter what, the following sentence applies to Schneider. For the time being, the practical takes precedence over everything else. Only when it will be given, a concern of man will last. Schneider did not consider whether this rate was correct but determined it in accordance with its experience. He considered it, pronounced it and thus postulated something. Now he sits there in front of his shattered remains and thinks again a little. What will have to be done so that he can do something to ensure that his things are also understood by other people?

In such a virtual structure, as his card index embodies, the forming of his own texts to the thoughts and ideas of his kind has a meaning. In doing so, Schneider follows the idea that a thought or idea as an addition results in an impulse of a precisely defined kind.

The following scheme shall apply.

[Thought + Idea] = [Impulse]


The deliberate application of a force

A spirit has been given to man, which is to equip man with all the powers that are responsible for him and belong to him. This spirit thus also illustrates the inner world of man. This takes place so comprehensively in our company that we will rightly note how rich it is. Thanks to this spirit and the way it works, our powers are concentrated and soon appear. There we experience those moments which enable us to a benign existence. Strength and will are mutually dependent on their congruence. They are rectified variables.

This brings me to another scheme.

[Force + Will] = [Order]


The smaller and finer the forces are with us, with which we achieve our own, the denser the net will be, which forms our basis. The coarse mesh loses many a grain.


Build your own vocabulary

His work on this card index box should help Schneider to build and secure a vocabulary that is suitable for him. One of these is found by him. This brings back memories of past conversations to him. He can also remember past situations there. The whole is enhanced by the knowledge he has already acquired in his existence. To this end, he relates his thoughts and ideas so that the correct use of words can be explained.

Those sentences, which are formed by him in everyday life during conversations, should be of an ordinary kind. This is the aim of his efforts. When writing down his thoughts and ideas, he therefore links the input material with trivial knowledge of existence. This makes it all a little easier for him. There he can finally accomplish his task.

Here too, a simple scheme is to follow.

[Thought + Idea] = [The Nature of Triviality]


Generate a power input

In order to develop an actual strength, it would not only be necessary to have an own understanding of the approach to applying a force. You also have to give yourself a direction and maintain it. This will give meaning to our actions.

To use that energy to preserve the things given means to preserve one's own energy. There's something to be gained by acting like this.

The corresponding scheme is as follows.

[Force + Direction] = [Sense] with [Sense + Duration of this Alignment] = [Strength]

It contains the alignment according to their valid order.

[Alignment + Consistency of Alignment] = [Preservation of the Given]


Understanding the given as an addition

Sometimes we humans have already found ourselves in a situation that would not be welcome. In such a situation you experience things that might not be right for you. The things in a person's life can be distinguished and weighted. Something can happen, which will be good and beautiful, but something else remains of a bad expression and yet persists. This world makes it necessary. It never forgets any of its shares. It does not deny them at all. One can draw something from this insight.

A reason for the appearance of the given is revealed by the presence of these things. You can look at it, but you should also illuminate it. In doing so, we want something visible to come before our eyes. Let us consider, however, that this emanation of the visible alone will only be a part of it, which can hardly be more than an ancestor of the given.

A scheme is to follow here as well.

[Good, True and Right + the Bad] = [The Sum of the Whole]

In doing so, we are completely right to reflect on our history in this life.

[Present + Sum of Individual Experiences]] = [[History of a Person]

Since all this will do justice to an inner structure of the given, we humans achieve different successes in life.

[Arrangement of Given + Temporal Progression] = [Structure of Things]


Man, as a machine

For some people it will be true that they would not understand what we really are. One and the other hardly fit together then. We're being dumped there because we're obviously unappreciated. But this can become an automatism. It can also happen to ourselves that we drop other people because we do not want to acknowledge them.

This scheme has not exactly been easy to understand. Nevertheless, I would like to be allowed to put it here.

[The Given] = [Man With His Cosmos]

Its consideration becomes somewhat easier if the following idea is taken into account.

[Self-perception + External Perception] = [Being With Yourself]

That's when things start happening as they are. We should reflect this when we form our thoughts about this existence for ourselves.

[Thought] = [Reflection + Being With You]


Know how to deal with a void

Every vessel has a capacity, its inner emptiness. For example, this runs along the contour of an object and is then a surface.

For this too, I will gladly give you a scheme here.

[The Whole as a Whole] = [All + Nothing]


Steps towards completing things

The good that I already have is supposed to be a good that has been given to me in the meantime. It is still without a description and yet it would already be there. It happens and it has an effect.

I will now add this picture.

[The Creature] = [The Existing + The Future] = [The Preserved]

Yet all work and being is an illusion, insofar as one has understood things as a context for the whole.

[Passivity + Activity] = [Neutrality]

There would be everything given and nothing to do. But this seems to us to be contrary to the actual meaning of this existence as a human being.

[Meaningfulness of Action] = [Consonance] with [Doing Nothing] = [Existence of the Given]

Doing nothing would like to be understood as a limit value of action to which things are rightly as they are. You can appreciate their nature. This is the way to experience things as truth.


Determine a substance

All things have an expression. That will be their characteristic by means of which they will attain such a manifestation. A characteristic is always variable and will therefore be correctly understood as something additional. For this purpose, things get their structure, so that they are fixed in their quality.

Everything strives for such consistency of the inner structure. Everything tries to stand firm. That is the inner direction of things, that they want to preserve something, which makes them last. There the structure is to be distinguished from the substance.

A substance is to be understood as a dancer who emanates herself through forms and thus achieves an expression that is alive. As the primordial substance of the living, it is considered to be everything to us.

[Substance] = [Liveliness]

But the given will also be to be understood in this way.

[The Frame of Things] = [The Property of the Given]