Of character and nature


Leave everything as it is

Some people may think to themselves that it would not be fine to leave everything as it already is. But what other end should there be than this one? Shouldn't all things come to an end?


Being a rock and anchor for man

To be a man's rock and anchor,

that means happiness alone.

For others, too, this should be truly given.


Oh, man, go your way.

Commit yourself to something with energy.

Check your steps and also check the bridge on which you are based.

Walk about in the middle, but always make progress.

All this should be found with you.


Offered Peace

Keeping peace shall be a commandment. Without peace, some things will perish. How is something without peace to maintain its existence? - Remember, we have suffered enough in this life.


Help me

I'll say one word.

I address it to you.

Listen to me.

I have one word to say,

a word for you.

Please let it happen.

Let me stand up for you completely,

right here, right now,

not only in word and deed.

The moment,

for which I have your joy,

is so important to me.

Help me

to find you.

Take me like this, please.

One can accept, keep or pass on something

Many years and words have now passed.

What good did they do me?

What have I kept to myself?

How dark is it all around me that night?

Oh, there's a darkness coming over me.

Fear becomes part of me.

Timidly it wants to show itself to me there,

that not everything that might have been gold would shine.


Forget nothing, but forgive everything

I have sometimes failed to let people have theirs. Then sometimes I get very involved in their business. That won't be a subtlety of me. But it happens to me. I have already gained this insight.


Anchored knowledge

The truth is written in the book.

If you want to understand this, you have to sift it.

There you have to filter the words and think about something.

This is the only way for you as a reader to remain free of it,

to do what's right for you.

Know that some of those who annoy you

confident in being yourself,

is lost with himself, so alone.

Don't push him too far,

but don't let him win, either.

Put him in his place,

...without getting too much yourself.


Full load leads to freedom

Everything that is complete should be something whole.

Everything has an additional stability.

What's stable gives you stability.

That which gives hold makes us humans strong.

What makes us strong, that makes us right.

But if I pass, I may one day be free from all evil.


What can I say?

With nothing, I stood there like Sleeping Beauty in the forest.

Bitter and cold it is.

I don't know what to say to that.

What will be given here now?

Put some clothes on. Everything gets better then.

You shouldn't feel sorry, you shouldn't feel ashamed.

We've all been naked before.

That's just the way it is, this human being.


How is it?

What we have felt for each other before,

...that's gotta be true.