If you know how to do everything right from the start, you do not need to be creative.


wait-and-see thinking

Whoever represents a cause,

which is wrong,

does it make any sense?

Whoever represents a cause,

which is right,

only that one makes sense!

Whether something will be right or wrong would not be so important to me at first.

It would be more important to stand up for one thing in the first place

and also, to learn something about this existence as a human being.

You will still be able to decide for your own cause afterwards.


Do not miss the example

If you want to make yourself understood to someone else in your direct environment, you should assess who you are dealing with. This will be one of the important prerequisites for getting along well with another person. The actual interest of a person would also be worth something. It is to be considered by us. Through it a valid framework for those things can be established, which can be easily illustrated, mediated or discussed by us. In the course of the first conversations with such a person it should soon be clearly defined by us what is desired and what this would not be. Then even the mediation of an important matter would be possible.

In the following conversations, those 'objects' (contents, topics) of the other person's interest that have already been hinted at can be addressed by us and our own thoughts can flow into the conversation. It may even be the case that these become supplementary topics if necessary. It would certainly not be wrong to address your counterpart about such things of which you know for sure that he is already well aware. This should help us a little bit in order to reach a situation where we can continue to exchange with him. This will be quite possible, as several practicable paths have already been created for it, which will really have to be followed. In the end, it may also be possible to receive positive feedback from such a person or even to give such feedback about him or her.

With some people it will now be the case that it is normal for them to be given an example. Then, when you have recognized this, you should do justice to that person in this way, too, and fulfil his condition for the conversation sufficiently well. So, make use of suitable examples.


Being true to yourself

Words are resonances. If you dedicate yourself to the words, you might find the natural frequencies.

After you have looked at the natural frequencies of another person, you do not need to analyse them further, but rather to reflect on yourself in order to come to terms with them.

There should be something to feel the own in itself, as it really exists.


Task definition

Everyday life for us humans means that certain processes have to be controlled by ourselves. There are also some that have to do with the material substance of a thing. I would like to deal briefly with such things here, because they are of importance for the processes of a human existence.

But first I would like to explain myself to you. It is so predetermined for myself that I have to establish my own kind of alchemy first of all linguistically, before it can appear clearly visible for other people, what to think about it. It should be possible to find some suitable approaches that say something about how this art form of the Middle Ages will be practiced in the present day. I myself would have no other choice than to sift through the available material, to arrange it and then also formulate some of it myself, how it will be meaningful and useful. I am preparing for this task. I do this to name it once, what makes this kind of alchemy.

A processing of one's own thoughts and ideas on this matter should serve to prepare a real insight of value. It should be given in such a way that an extension of the linguistic forms will help me to better circumstances in existence. These are intended to help us learn about the true structure of elementary things, which can lead to their possible usability. So, I examine my own language for its true essence. My own was as important to me as the whole of this cosmos. Such an equation has become necessary for my case here, since otherwise my argumentation must be in vain. The basic idea of this hides a deeper truth about the cause of this existence as a human being, which would not be easy to see. After all, I would like to give you this hint.

There I create my own work. So, I work up my own thoughts and ideas into independent texts. In doing so, I create a whole network of writings. In the meantime, I have come to realize that no one can draw something from a source that would not exist. So, I set out and, of those trivial but accessible things of my existence, I sifted through what I knew, arranged it and wrote something down about it. For this I have the necessary leisure.

I have high hopes for myself from such work. All this should lead to a consolidation of my practices as an artist. It is important to me to make sure that my ways are practicable and can be freely followed by other people. Certain transformations will occur as you walk this path, as I too am changing on my wanderings through the realms of my existence. I understand such processes as inner processes. Such would not be easy to convey. These should be correctly understood, clarified and understood by other people thanks to an orderly presentation of them. Such processes should also include those things of us which have already experienced meaning for us in this existence before.

It would not be expected that something phenomenally important or novel could be found by ourselves through such designations of this life. But this exercise in language formation should lead to an ability to speak, even to the vitalization of language in general. This would probably be a very high value asset which should not be misunderstood.


Your own word in context

My own lyrics belong to those things I like to work with. I often refer to what has already been written. And I think I'm right to do so.

Even when I speak, I use contextual references. This gives the language something individual. But it requires that the people involved really listen to each other.

By means of the relationship to the context of the words, such things are to be pointed out for which there is no other possibility to speak. As with the 'Tree of Life' among the Kabbalists, after the completion of its simple completeness of the ten spheres (Sephirot), the entire appearance has the effect of an additionally discoverable emanation, the eleventh Sephira, so I take it for granted that every text that is completed to the presently possible completeness will make further texts discoverable that are of the same value as that eleventh Sephira. A context can certainly achieve this when the right time has finally come and you are in the right place, where the necessary thoughts can really appear and have an effect.

To refer to such a context, that is, to form a perception of the structures and to consolidate it. Certainly, I derive my own methodology from this procedure, which sometimes enables me to speak with a confident voice and to gradually build up my own texts from the knowledge I know, as you can find them in my card index box.



That little is good.

So much will be bad.

So much I wish for,

and yet hardly any of it comes true.

Actually, I long for a situation

where everything is supposed to be good enough for this existence.

It's true.

I know that's how it is with me,

and yet I hardly know what to do about it.

Therefore, I would like to preserve both bad and good.

I don't want to lose either one of them.


Understanding life as a downward spiral

It is difficult to lead this existence, and it will remain difficult. It would not be easy or even simple to cope with this existence. It may not be God's plan to accommodate people in their submissiveness, I believe.

No, people must search for the truth of this existence themselves. It is not enough to dig into oneself through musing. It is also not enough to constantly come out of one's shell and laughingly enjoy life in a hedonistic way. This will be tantamount to maltreating the soul.

This existence as a human being is something very important. To be human is a special grace within this world. This human existence is connected with a whole basket of talents, which we can use to the full. God has given it, but he will have to take it away from us again if we do not handle it well. Life certainly ends with the death of ourselves. That will be so true. Until then, man will even gradually lose what is superfluous for him, that is, the surplus, because he has not really possessed it. Therefore, according to a certain way of speaking, life is like a 'descent'.

A person's walk naturally brings about an existence full of changes within his own life. At some point he can recognize it in himself, that his life loses its qualities already this side of death. At least up to a certain limit that will be true. That way we lose some territory. Some customs duties are demanded of us and we could not really refuse to pay them. A confrontation with death, however difficult it may be for some people, will be necessary for the success of their own task in this life. Only the one who knows something about it and can also acknowledge it, what really matters in this existence, will survive.

The dark and with it the shadow, the cold and with it the wet would not only consume man's powers, they also renew them to a certain extent. The light and with it the joy, the warmth and with it the closeness, would not only renew life, they also consume its power again and again. First the change from cold to warm and again to something cold, then again to something warm, etc. give man that tolerable climate, thanks to which he can prosper so well. Continuous light leads the eye to glare. Continuing darkness leads the spirit to its decline. But here too the change of the given will be the good that can keep the things of man in balance.

How beautiful only a candle at night is. How wonderful is the fresh, throat refreshing water from the deep well on a hot summer day? These things never want to level themselves so much that we lose the joy and happiness of this human existence.

In my opinion, to make one's life a downswing from the outset would be an act of foresight. There are certain tasks which are better done by ourselves. Whatever it wants to be, whatever needs to be done, do it now and don't torch it for long.

Don't stop things from becoming. These should take their usual course of action on their own. One delivers one's fellow men and thus ultimately also oneself from hindering expectations. In this way, the true essence of nature can be recognized as one that exists of its own accord. Decline and blindness will only be the fate of man if he keeps going straight on his way. What he chooses for himself there will be hell. Until he is reversed from this, nothing good would be possible for him. No further course of action can make this conversion dispensable for us. To return home is what we are told to return. This is to be remembered. All roads will lead into the unknown except this one road home. Human existence is a cyclical one, accompanied by recurring effects, or it becomes an odyssey.

Nothing would be permanent for man. Apart from the actual thing that belongs to himself, there could be nothing that he can possess. Nothing would be given to man if he did not get it for himself. Nothing a person would be able to do because of lack of means, which would not change the fact that he has to take care of himself. Acknowledge these guidelines of our existence and learn to deal with what they say. It is important to talk about what is given without paying too much attention to wrong thoughts and ideas.

In this way we gain our own goods indirectly but surely. This will succeed. One preserves for oneself what has been found on the basis of actual circumstances of happiness. That should give us pleasure. There one learns to acknowledge oneself as the actual refuge or temple of the soul. One searches near oneself for those people who want to get to know us and also deals with these people oneself. Only the one who has really understood another person can say something about his person or even about his life and existence that really deserves to be heard.

Without recognizing such personalities in the environment, who might also appreciate you, the person remains alone (with himself) and will have to lead a closed existence. This will be something that may not work in the long run. The treasures of a human being want to be secured by ourselves, so that they would not be lost. For this we exchange ideas. Life is sometimes such a terrible lot for us, but there is no real necessity for it.

Man would have nothing to own as long as he has no proper reason to possess it. There would not be much left for a person to do. Then his things wouldn't grow right. Even if he had the best facilities to do so, it remains so. It will then have to be something depraved in man's existence. This will remain so until he would no longer believe that it is possible to do well without owning anything. But it's bad enough to think that you are entitled to help yourself to everything.


The phenomenon in its permanence

It will be questionable whether it is good if a phenomenon occurs permanently in our life. Such a one could incriminate us. It can really get on our nerves. I believe that it will be a good quality of this world that these phenomena will be gradually removed by it.

If you want to open up a certain phenomenon for yourself, you sometimes have to do a lot to achieve this. Nevertheless, a duration of this only wants to be short, and its effect also wants to be unimpressive.

Since the basic state of a man's things will be a state freed from such effects, all kinds of phenomena will also gradually be released from man and set him free. They are certainly needed by us for an understanding of the given, but after a certain time we would not recognize them at all. This is supposed to be true, since humans can only perceive changes in their environment. So, it will be good that these phenomena will really disappear again soon. One is happy about it, because in this way the space becomes free again for other states of the soul.

The existence of a human being will be one in the presence of such phenomena. It wouldn't work without them. Yeah, you wouldn't get anything done in a good way without them. There we have no other standard for this than the given one. Without such phenomena, there is no living organism that has a consciousness of itself. Oh, without them, there will be no salvation to be had. It is all the better that these phenomena do not have to exist permanently and disappear again. Once these are dissolved, we will be free of them for a certain time.


The actual client

For Schneider, the actual client would be the person to whom he had worked with his arts. Such a one he imagines. He's trying to talk to her or him in thoughts. In the further process he gets an idea of what his work is all about. In this way he gets an inner picture of such situations with himself.

Man should be continuous in his things. He is working towards his true master. He did that thoroughly. He does so in its actual nature by reference to a provision of the matter assigned to him. In doing so, he should use his intellect and use it to acknowledge the superior genius of the latter. That would be fair. He uses one of these. He applies his power faithfully to the actual will and thus finds his participation. There you will finally be able to create your own work.

Use one's own idea of genius as a way to achieve it, that one will be strict with oneself and fair to others. No other person is burdened with such a burden as we have given for ourselves. Everyone does what they have to do. One should relate such things to oneself. You do not burden your environment with anything, if that is possible. A real incompatibility of oneself must be removed, even dissolved. Meanwhile, faith in the Lord God should protect us from the creation of false idols and other things. He is a definition of man.


The eternal attempt to remain conventional

A person who loves the conventional has a good chance of being ridiculed by other people because of it. Oh, you need a good backbone as a steady person who wants to act like one. One is often tested in an exaggerated way by other people. How safe people like that think they are, makes a difference. The weakest are tackled first by them. The more insignificant someone is, the more violent the action against him. People would not feel injustice emanating from themselves. What they do to another is of no consequence to themselves. So, every attack becomes a game, a competition, a test of strength. Oh, and that's fun for those people.

But a conventionally thinking person finds little pleasure in such a thing. Such fun of others he rather recognizes as a real annoyance. There he is temporarily pushed by those libertines into a contest. One should not go into such a case because there is a likelihood of unfair litigation.

For some people, their own existence has already become a little too bland. Why this should be so, we would not need to discuss here. But it will be worthwhile to draw some conclusions from the nature of the fellow human beings.


The spirit of man in the prism

The light of things always emanates from the light of man. Man would be nothing less than anything in this world. Rather, he has the tendency to have already appropriated the mystery of the things around him to some extent before anything more far-reaching happens. Equipped with such a foresight of the coming events, he is, and thus man, by means of his vital strength, has his own possibility of co-determining the essence of the changes before they are actually brought about by something else, and thus also has many an opportunity to help shape the essence of a thing and to interpret it beforehand in a creative way as it should really be. Some things that have yet to happen can certainly be anticipated. The works of a person like to act as operators, but the multipliers are still the people. In such a symbol, the equal sign will be a symbol of the ability to change.

A prism, by which a beam of light can be split according to the wavelengths of light present on it, will be an indication that something similar at the level of frequencies also occurs at the same time elsewhere and exists in the state of integration of the totality of things in the form of a clarity of it. This secret is important for myself, because it is the basis for my meditation and trains me in attentiveness to the given.

A clarity of the things of one's own mind would certainly be equivalent to a clarity of the drawn structure of things, that is, their imprint in the manner of a form. That meditation on what is given by this existence fills man almost constantly with valences to those things of this nature. The mind and reason of a person manifest something there.

According to those laws of a change of things, as they can be shown by thermodynamic circular processes, the mind of a human being has its own dimensions and tries to possess, to fight for and to assert them. It will have to do this all the time.

On speech formation

The actual state of my own things

Now that I have spent a great deal of my own efforts for a considerable time to find a way to continually work up my own things, which I have produced up to now, it should now be up to me to preserve and maintain my own as it has become. For this purpose, I would like to expand it in its inner core and, where necessary, extend or strengthen it at one point or another. This should contribute something to the stability of my cause. As that core of it I see the framework of my thoughts and ideas. This forms the framework for what is given to me.

The basic structure of my inner world already exists as a copy of it and only needs to be practised, understood and recognised. My things have become firm and stable there, it seems to me. I have already preserved many of those parts of my actual constitution that are relevant to me by writing them down. I'll deal with that from now on. With the help of this work, I can from now on continuously build up what I have been given. I hope it will help me to establish something good in my home.

There would finally be a space to define my conception as a writer and painter. It will be worth mentioning that some preparatory work has already been done. I've already done some work on that. This good would not yet be complete, but a first start has already been made. This is how I gained a self-written instruction for the actual work.

In the meantime, I have conscientiously revised many of my older poems. Some of them are in a reasonable condition. The same should apply to aphorisms. Thank God the forest around me is slowly thinning out. Dark it has been with me for a long time. But now I am also able to recognize the beauty and the right of it myself. So, I ask myself where I came from and what time on my life clock has already passed.

I would like to finally do something with these own goods. Further steps are to be taken. Since I attach great importance to the proper use of language in the creation of these things, I therefore hope that these own words of mine, as I once wrote them down, will really be understandable to other people in this form. Oh, this exhibition is intended to clearly convey my aspirations as an artist and literary figure.



Don't run all over the forest.

Do not orient yourself only by the trees and branches.

Pick something more distinctive for it,

which gives you an understanding of how

where you are.

Meanwhile, recognize it too,

what's with you.

A time of your own works for you.

It is embodied by the frequency of your steps,

the reason for the ups and downs of things becomes so clear.

It will be,

with which a flourishing or a spoiling of the given can be achieved.

Guard this knowledge.

Protect yourself

and ease off, ease off, ease off.


Acknowledging the importance of the actual state of things

On the actual state of things all coming is built up. It will therefore be important to remember this state of the given. The existence of a human being is a creating being, which can emanate itself in the way of a preservation or a renewal. For this purpose, man preserves his insight and recognizes what is given to him. Thanks to a flourishing of things, something else is created from the beneficial, which can be just as beneficial. In this way, man builds something up as he tackles his existence and shapes it. This existence contains sometimes more and sometimes less of such things, which have already filled it with meaning.

The sense of preserving one's own things exists thanks to a human orientation. That's the way it's supposed to be. Because of their continued existence, he can maintain his attitude towards the things in his life. Such an attitude will be given to him at any time. This is supposed to be a continuously usable key to the knowledge of the events within this cosmos of a human being. Meanwhile, the preservation of things should not be an exhausting, sacrificial activity. What must be lost, it should be able to do. If now the basic conditions of this existence are sufficiently fulfilled by man, then its meaningful and expedient task results from itself.



One of the truths of this life will probably be

that you always have to do something,

to get something in return,

that you need.

A person's desire makes this one of the basic conditions of our existence.

This basic condition should apply equally to all people.

It should not have to be about getting much for one's own actions.

It is about the joy of giving, of sharing with other people, even of exchanging with them.



Without having any actual memory of his existence,

man cannot be there.

A person who would not be there is gone.

It should not matter how far away he is.

After all, he wouldn't be there.

This should be sufficient as an argument.


Recognizing a construction of the given

That construction of the things of this existence has its peculiarities. With each further development of the given, something of its potential is lost. No matter how certain something may be, no matter how much it may be affected by an actual transformation, it will be true. There the given changes in a thoroughly finite manner and many things are fixed for a long time, because the cause of the change will dry up in the short term. Despite all the inclinations of the given, the expression of a thing largely reduces its potential. There will be a lot of things, many of them will turn out crooked and would be practically useless.

In the end, there is something about every characteristic that can be called 'crooked'. If we have also paid close attention to the work, it can only be narrowed down, but it would not be possible to completely eliminate the possibility of something 'going wrong'. It will never be under control. That alone is the only thing that can exist.


Higher, faster, further should be a principle of success.

Deeper, slower, tighter will also be a principle of success.

Which task we seek for ourselves also determines the opportunities that come with it.

speech formation

One objective

With the help of the computer I work out my own texts and describe what I do as a kind of speech formation. I try to gradually secure the trivial foundations for my own knowledge. I do this to prepare myself for what is to come, which will have a part in my life. There I find my way and can trace it on the basis of the given things. I already have a certain idea of how my own path should be. I want to reach my destination as safely as possible.

The procedure I have chosen for my work will be easy to name. I express those thoughts that are present in my mind and thus create the necessary space for my own world of ideas to flourish. Up to now I have been content with a simple completion of my words at work. For this purpose, I document my own property as it appears now or as it was once present in the past. By means of a choice of words, I can point to a certain symbolism of what something means. At times I did not fare any better than a master builder. I have to keep my things all in order so that I don't fail in the end.

That 'building' I erected is made up of parts of my world of thoughts and ideas.


To operate an interconnection of one's own

Man's property will only be at his disposal for the duration of his existence. Those gifts that a human being can dispose of in his existence are all finite in nature. Life is connected with a potential that gradually empties. There even the last of his strength runs out one day. This situation should be treated with caution.


Achieve a performance according to own resources

When a man acts according to his own wealth, he acts in a way that is just for his cause.


About the creation of this page

My own, artistic work already brings with it a preoccupation with the concept of alchemy of its own accord, as I try to create actual works on blank, white paper. This would not be possible without an acceptance of the given.

I do not see myself as a late journeyman of medieval arts in the present. Of course, I wouldn't be, if only because I work under completely different conditions. I have a different approach to such things than an alchemist of the Middle Ages has.

The fact that I nevertheless refer to alchemy in my work is said to stem from a beauty of this idea in my mind. I associate some good things with that.


Putting the fragments together in your thoughts

While reading individual writings from my library, I have made the experience that each book deals in a different way with the conception of the whole of this existence. Depending on the author, other terms come to the fore and are clarified. Since every author has his own focus, each one of them clarifies something different. The whole, however, forms a connection that exists between the works and is superordinate to them.


Holistic approach as starting point

When I have a doubt about the good things that appear to me, I sometimes assume that everything and nothing is similar and that that is why, basically, such terms have the same weight.

I also think this for the cause of the spirit of a man. On the whole, there is only one whole. All shares of it appear justifiably as they occur.

This should be the starting point for a consideration of the things of this cosmos, which is shaped by that concept of equivalence.


The present as the key to the code

The code that people use for their own things can only be broken down and understood through proper use of a person's things. In doing so, it should be so that an obvious truth of the present is applied. Tomorrow already, due to a lack of real knowledge about it, it may become a hidden secret. Such a thing will correspond to the natural course of events. The cause of a person will be interpreted in relation to the context of his life.