The box of alchemy

Steady! - Only the calm alone has gained importance at that moment when we have to wait. There the vessels have been at work transforming the ingredients. Some things have arisen, some things have come true. There we let go of everything and at the same time received something.

Now all this has happened as it should have. The glasses are broken, the brew has evaporated. Some residue has remained and is now stuck to the table on which the apparatus was standing. We wanted to understand the whole thing, so we studied it. We recreated it, made it boil and then it collapsed, not without first bursting the tubes. That was a loud bang! - Meanwhile, some of the smoke came up and stank.

Now we would not be any smarter than before, but we have probably realized that this is how it had to be. We did something wrong. Whatever it was, it made sure that we didn't really get any closer to our goal.

Vanity won't help there. We failed again. The experimental setup was not suitable. The right way is still unknown to us, and the destination will also be uncertain. Will we be able to do it another time?


Spiritual experience

Why do I write so much down? - Well, because I like to have something of my own to read at hand. If at times it was nothing else than junk, what I wrote down, I can probably learn something about myself. But I wouldn't know if it was any good. Let others determine that for once.

If, as I do, each thought is regarded as a thought of its own with permissibility, then one deepens the awareness of oneself, I mean. One penetrates into the depths of his world of ideas and soon finds there to light up. There alone there will be little of validity. However, this should then have the necessary salary to be gladly preserved. It happens to me again and again in such a way that I recognize how much I am at home in the realms of my language. I can find my way around here. That's why I write things down in the first place.

But sometimes I also use language as a brake on my own moments and forces. If you slow down with something that happens to you, you can turn the corner in life and stay on your track. In addition, I carry out some of the holding still in order to see through the actual problems of this existence. Only rarely is the given of itself something good with me. Nevertheless I can be happy with what I am, have and do.


Cosmic to-do

How can the earth orbit around a sun if the sun would not stand still in the meantime? Is this a spiral, which we as a planet experience as a path, or is it a helix? Can our path be the same as a circle or even an ellipse? But what has happened in the meantime to the mechanical principle 'actio equals reactio'? Should this not also apply here? Has not the earth attracted the sun and also the sun attracted the earth at all times with equal force? Wouldn't the sun do a belly dance while we're orbiting it? How can this all fit together in any other way than what you see in the sky and try to think about it as a whole?


A completion of one's own thoughts and ideas about the nature of a human being should lead to his actual ability to act. The actual habitat and temporal order determine this existence of ours with certainty.

A quality of this existence as a human being should result from the fact that we come to terms with the given, because we see it as an opportunity for real happiness.


Leave your head alone

The experience of a person can only be determined by him as it is true in relation to himself. Whoever expects us to bring the given directly to the point, shortens our ways considerably. But this is supposed to be something unreasonable. Why should one also want to reduce the duration of the events? - After all, all this is supposed to lead to something good. An associated body of thought will be preserved. The fact that it takes time and strength to make a difference will be true. That shouldn't scare us off. It is certainly part of any success that you first have to do something about it before it happens. First of all, you have to give up everything that is surplus to requirements. This is the way it should be; this is the way it should be lived.

speech formation

thoughts on a given word

Words are formed by a stringing together and concatenation of syllables. These consist only to a very limited extent of individual letters and produce meanings for which we have a feeling.

The unity of the spoken sequences remains the syllable. Such an analysis has already been done through the written language. But to reforest one's own existence with syllables as seedlings, that is, to really understand the given linguistically.

A preciousness of it is recognized. Where this is necessary, I imagine something about it. Otherwise, I wouldn't want to do this. Much rather than with an imagination, I have worked out that essence of the actual thoughts and ideas on myself with the help of a haptic regeneration with my powers. So, I formed these in a simple way and at times I also depicted the given as a gesture.

Thus, I have at times already become a smith of words who has influenced himself at work. Little by little, something developed in me. Some good moments have happened. Meanwhile my knowledge has grown, and I have recognized some language problems. This is how the words have been understood by myself. What have I learned from all this!

That's when I started to see my texts as a compound. I have looked at their inner workings. It made me see reason. In this way, I myself have managed to clarify my own point little by little in an unambiguous way and to put it in a proper relation to my art matter. Some milestones have been reached by me in this way. Dealing with the motives of a human existence in the right way has given me great pleasure.

Noticeably, I have become more aware of the limitations of a person and have kept to them. This has been a regular school for me. That's also where I learned to design something according to my world of experience. This has stabilized my work. Such things have been set free as they are in harmony with what really makes me that person who I am. Basically, I can already now recognize and preserve the thoughts and ideas that have been given to me. So, I add some of what I have recently created to the existing work. This requires some maturity. According to my intuition I shape my texts and thus form my coming path. In doing so, I have largely retained an understanding of my own being.

A person's mind should be his guideline, according to which we dispose of our things in a good way. What I have found will certainly have a certain value for me in the future as well. That's how it happened to me. That which I have already achieved well during this life will continue to have its rightful place.



I, Mathias Schneider, have developed my texts myself. For this purpose, I first of all made a list of the things given to me by naming them once. Afterwards I wrote some of it down. I have tried to bundle these writings into one book in ancient times. A whole sum of the first results is now in my text collection 'Construction Kit' and continues to flourish there. These writings would like to be viewed and read by you. Furthermore, in recent years I have processed almost my entire experience of this existence through 'thought protocols' during 'free writing hours'. However, I have left out such things, which are of a personal nature and have not only affected myself. This was about a processing of my assets. Basically, I advertise my world of thoughts and ideas with these elaborations in my own writings.


Shut down everything

I don't want to see any clear boundaries. Where I need them, I just set them up. I try to get away from consumption, I want to find my peace.

An acceptance of what is already given shall equip me. What I need is already there. I can take it as true.

There's nothing I'd miss. Every day of a rush is like a lost day for me. I don't care if it's drugs, cigarettes or just records, what I've been consuming. There's no point in any of this. It can lead to an acceleration of my decline, which I consider to be already begun. I like to rest. Where I can do that, I take breaks for myself. I reduce my turnover on these things.

I have some of it left. Can I handle it? – So, I'm finally standing up for what I've got. It shouldn't be impossible to get along with less.


Understanding the Internet as a role play

Something has to be done right. You must start with what you have. One preserves what has become or tries to understand something of it correctly. Then it should finally be possible to cope with what makes up our everyday life.

For this moment we choose our task ourselves. From behind we roll up the action. This is true for the present. Our retrospect should make this existence understandable to us. The thread on a spindle will be equal to what is given to us. One thing after another comes out of it and we realize. That's what we're involved in.

Everything will be so that it means something to us. No one sees through the whole thing. This is so, especially since it is beyond our comprehension to consider everything at once. However, we do have some tools at hand to help us deal with the given order of things.

We talk about this with good friends. There we name the given as it appears to us. We get something in return from them. Afterwards we look at what has become and find out something about it. Some evenings we spend in this way and sometimes we enjoy it. In this way, we have made it possible for us to learn something about what constitutes true happiness in a person's life. From now on, such a system should be secured.

Thanks to such significant opportunities we can examine our own existence. There we take note of what makes it tick. Some thoughts come up; some ideas arise in the meantime. We can then take the ideas found in this way into account in our other activities. This is how something comes about in our company that would not be worthless.

All that now already exists shall be our fortress, our own bastion. Such a one can be found by us gladly, because it is there. This is how we present ourselves. We sporadically perceived in this light in which we have placed ourselves.

An inner illustration

In spite of all human qualities I am playing with the 'machine' here on the Internet. I let things come into being there and these things come afterwards for a certain duration. This is how they can have an effect.

The fact that I alone can only guess who or what is romping on my pages should be understood by you correctly. Besides the actual readership, I also think of those bots, what virtual machines should be. They scour the web and search for specific content. Depending on how people have equipped these bots, they collect the respective data and evaluate what they have found. Here, the human being with his virtual appearance becomes the feed for such units.

The virtual machine army is large. Its operational readiness will be very high, as will its access speed. These 'soldiers' record all relevant material and are not aware of any human morality. The attitude of such a machine will be the consistent processing of the code.

We humans also have a codex. As individualists we have our own, as citizens of a state its laws and as members of communities their rules. We pay attention to the things connected with it and thus gain something for ourselves. A person's rank and status correlate with the current market value of his or her behavior among his or her fellow human beings. Accordingly, as he is currently positioned, he can exert influence on events and use his actual position of power to further shape the given.

Such circumstances condition the existence and the path of a human being and presuppose that he himself observes orderly structures. Deficits are hardly tolerated there. These are quickly noticed.


The principle of independence

Man strives for confirmation in his existence. In the process, he learns to weight what he receives for confirmations. Some mean a lot, but others have not possessed this high significance for man. So, he rejects them because they have not moved much for him.

Once man excludes the vanities of his existence, he can soon part with them. Little by little, there is less of what he detests left. All of a sudden, he gains time for more important things.

Sometimes we long for a community. It will be a valid principle that we humans will probably only sit in empty seats. So, if you want to get in contact with other people, create space for them.

Many important things only enter a person's life when he is free to do so. First and foremost, the work of man is to be mentioned here. It will be true that only he who does not have a job at the moment but wants to get one will be able to take it. Ideally, he has already freed himself from what he has worked before. He takes all his experiences from there with him, but he who would not be open for something new blocks himself.

So, we can soon let it go and rightly acquire something that we need.

A formula should be given for this, which states how we can reasonably secure this confirmation.

[Acceptance of given + confirmation] = [Self confirmation]


World in a coma

If you believe as a human being in what you once learned, then in time you will begin to have doubts about what is happening today. So many things would seem to disagree. The knowledge of a youth and adolescence will soon be obsolete, nobody needs it anymore.

But what is it that makes a person in his existence? - It is easy to understand that everything with us is conditioned by the given. But at present these would not only be truths to be recognized and endured. Some lies come along in the most improbable garments and postulate unbelievable things.

Starting from the simple approach that I am looking for an approximation to the true realities of this existence, I can say that I do not want to acknowledge the diversity of opinions that is emerging today. An order exists. It makes the truth of what there is. But an actual diversity will only be one, and rightly so, when it has become reality.


Following a rule

Everything is already there. You only need to find it to get it. This is supposed to apply especially on the mental level. Why don't you get ready for it?

In order to see it, let go of your eyes. Choose a focus and let all strenuous activity be part of it. It's all about this ability to look at something. Take your courage and make it happen this way.

Let go of all the effort. Your eyes will thank you.

Stop trying to figure it all out. Your mind will thank you for it.

Look at the thing you have looked at, yes, mention such a thing for yourself. From time to time, take them in your hand briefly and put them down again. Make use of your hand-eye coordination. At a certain distance from the given, there is an area where you can clearly see what is there. There you can see it well.

Your eyes are tired when they can't see. Close these from time to time. Even closed eyes see something. Not only the lids of your eyes could be seen, if you concentrate on perceiving something with your eyes closed. Many other things are also visualized there.

But that's not the only reason why it should be about visualizing something. It is more important to concentrate at all.

Do that. Do it again and again for a few seconds and let it go at the right time. Let it work. Look at it afterwards, how your power to regulate concentration is diminishing. Realize how easy it can be for you to concentrate.

Choose your focus and let all effort go! - This is the instruction for acquiring mental powers.

Only if you would not be burdened with profound fields of tension, you can learn how to do it.

...and then let it go.

Bienvenue, Welcome, Welcome


Dear reader of these lines,

Here on this website called 'Alchemy', a wiki which is part of my card index, I, as the author of these writings, would like to give you access to some of them. These were previously developed in a language design manner. I created them with my own pen.

My name is Mathias Schneider, *1975, and I trained as a toolmaker around the second turn of the millennium but did not practice this profession for very long. After a mechanical engineering study, which I did but soon abandoned after completing my basic studies, I tried to find a new professional orientation. From 2006 onwards, I therefore wanted to consolidate myself socially.

There I moved my own art thing, which I had already favored in my youth, back into my field of vision. I've tried to go back to these things. I have now visually prepared the work created so far for you. Since then I have tried to restore that spirit of my former thoughts and ideas. I have done so by taking up what I still have left and completing something over time.

Little by little, many good things happened to me again and entered my life again. There are some things that have come back to me, which I first want to clarify. It did not always seem to me to be completely uncanny what happened to me during this phase of upheaval in my life. There I had to accept many bad things, but I also clearly won some good things for myself. To work through these things, I have worked out first texts offline on my own server with a writing program. I have worked out many kinds of different approaches, which I now know how to deal with. Thus, I have pursued my self-discovery in a thoroughly detailed way.

Some things have come to me with substance, which I like very much. This is also how those things came into being which are now usable for setting up an actual base station on the Internet. With the help of this bastion I have built and furnished my exhibition. In the process, a great deal has been created virtually, which is of great value to myself.

Meanwhile, my base has been expanded into a fortress by me. This would consist not only of my writings, but also of graphic and musical works. Thus, my exhibition of works embodies a whole network of my own efforts since 2006 and before.

During this phase of the renewal of my goods I have also ordered and weighted my existence. I have found a renewed quality of life there. My thoughts and ideas have thus regained their true radiance for me.

Like the rays of a star, my wikis nowadays reach into the internet and make something findable that I once designed. This is supposed to be something fantastic. The actual center of this structure is embodied by the old writing program, which is now slumbering away in a box. It has entered into an actual resting state and has served its time with me for the time being.

I myself live in the nice, but also throughout somewhat dreamy city of Offenburg in the district Ortenau. This is located in southwest Germany near the Black Forest. Here I live again since the year 2001. I have already spent my youth here.

Artistically I have been active often in my free time. I'm still doing it today. Admittedly, in this work I experience many things which at times occupy me very much. Then I pick up some of them verbally with my texts and integrate these words into my wikis. I like doing it that way. Like this these things have been designed by me.

It is not without reason that I have called this file a 'Construction Kit'. With this I would like to make it clear that this should serve me as the foundation of my work. It contains everything essential to my existence.

The Wiki 'Alchemy' is a part of this kit. The aim here is to bring your own thoughts and ideas to the things of a fashionable form of alchemy. The word 'alchemy' in the title of this collection of texts has given me a theme for this writing. However, I would like to clearly limit the spectrum of the texts to be written and accommodated here to my own world of thoughts and ideas.

I am sometimes a visual person. I would like to describe my own, consistently bright spectrum of colours with my thoughts and ideas here bit by bit. So, I also had it in mind to make it clear what value colour and form have for myself.

I've written some things about that. I have done that in a own way. I have spent many hours of free writing to put together something substantially significant for you. I will spend many more hours sifting through these things, arranging and preparing them.

Of course, I did not start writing the texts here from scratch. Some years of practice I had to show when I started with this wiki. That's the basis on which I've built up this book and therefore I've already expected, even presupposed, some things from the readers.

Here some things have been created which I like. Meanwhile, this work as a writer is making some progress. I have also tried to integrate my artistic work here alongside my human existence. I want to know how to illuminate this and therefore I present my things in a way that makes them appear in a good light. What I have already achieved myself, I would like to be allowed to apply and evaluate.

My text works are real playgrounds for me, thanks to which I can engage in meaningful activities in my free time. These writings help me to fill my existence with some peace and leisure.

Since I don't use any templates to create this wiki, I have nothing but my knowledge of the German language and my everyday vocabulary at my disposal to create all this, except for those empty pages and files. So, I create this wiki without knowing what I will be able to do thanks to it. Soon a lot of things got mixed up in my life when I courageously and researchfully tried to write something about alchemy. I then looked for a method to finally clarify my own things. More and more I recognize one in the realization of the trivial. I then carried this out with rigour, but I have not yet completed my work in a whole. Meanwhile, my texts have been supplemented with further content by simply adding facts and circumstances of my own experience. In this way they have been able to become what they already are today.

This collection of writings is now released to the public on the Internet so that they can be seen once by you. Please allow yourself a little time out from the real stresses and strains of everyday life while reading here.

I would now like to wish you much pleasure with these texts and remain

kindest regards

the author Mathias Schneider