The darkness of the world

Only there, where in addition to light there is also a resonator, something will be bright.


An ability to learn

Starting from the good, we humans will know something that is known to us, something that we also appreciate. So, it will be true and right that we want to associate something unusual for ourselves with it. What seems to be new there has a trivial connection with everything else and is already given. We alone are the only ones who are only now getting to know this. That's why it seems so.



The human being always corresponds to reality. It will make up his whole but will be more than the real thing. Such a thing can be understood, but man would not be able to see without himself something of what it constitutes. A reality is one of man. Otherwise they wouldn't exist. It embodies a scheme by means of which man explains the given to himself.

Man's reason for looking for it and taking it for himself is that he is striving for supremacy. In contrast, their nature is almost unsuitable for achieving anything other than a delusion with their help.

Starting from this thought, we shall now present this in the format of an equation, which will help us to define reality.

[Reality of Life] = [Reality + Human Drunkenness]


relaying of an idea

The essential motor of man is his language. It is his inner drive. He will be able to convey what he knows how to present correctly. To this end, his nature gives him the power to set an impulse and thus to attach something that wants to be heard.

[Language] = [Expressiveness + Representation]


To get used to a reality

What we call life will be inspired. We wouldn't have to internalize it to get it.

[Life] = [Spheres of a Continuance of The Given + Transformation of Position]


The Emptiness in Space

The greater One is a whole for the whole. It's hard to keep track. But man has one thing in himself which gives him the words to many a thing. There he can put the circumstances into a form independent of their nature and represent them in his own way. For this purpose, he abstracts them, for this purpose he strips them of their form. So, these facts need not appear, but are to be conveyed to another person as an idea.

Just as man can point to a mountain without being a mountain himself, he will be able to convey everything else, if it has only come into view.

[Chaos] = [Order + Energy]


Creation scenario of a consciousness

What we know how to express, we can consider afterwards. But first it must appear before we can be aware of what it means.

[Order] = [Known + Assignment to Given]


For your own representation

Some people explain the given by naming it. I do it too. For this purpose, I am at home when I am alone, in the right condition to go into seclusion with me. My writings bear witness to what I am doing. So, I consider mine as I have presented it.

The reason for which I create such conditions, as they are to be found here, is to eliminate my own deficits. I would like to clear up my range of action.

[Deficit] = [Limitation of The Given + Freedom]