On the substance


A justified hope

That weighting of a meaning of a person's words and actions can certainly be felt in a conversation with that person. This is what will happen if you really get involved with her. Every human being urgently needs such a fellow human being for himself in order to have his own feet firmly planted on the earth.


Allow inspection

In the many years of my writing, I have tried to acquire a basic understanding of this German language by writing my own texts. For this purpose, I wanted to create texts that really fit my needs. But only then, when I have looked at them again, the circle of my thoughts and ideas has finally closed for me. This happened around the year 2004. Since then my life situation has changed to a large extent and something good has gradually become true for me.

A note to learners

It is not enough to absorb something. You have to keep it with you. How else will it strengthen us?

We should also consider what we have read. First of all, it occurs in such a way that it exists separately from us. But if we want to make something of it, we have to be with ourselves again.

Thus, a reading of scriptures is to be carried out in such a way that we are alternately with the given word and with ourselves. They shouldn't be bothering each other.

What we can find there with ourselves, that will have no less weight than the whole of what is given.


A preliminary assessment

At a time like the present, when there is practically no special emphasis on either science or language in society, it would not be easy to insist on something of such goodness. Even mathematics is regarded by some people as something degenerate. This will be so, since it is supposed to be dead, just like the mechanics. This is such a difficult time we live in. A lot of know-it-alls and busybodies appear on the stages of the societies and perform their farces in an unfortunately extremely successful way.

Moreover, the young science of computer science can be seen as a pioneer for all kinds of pointless posts and chats on the Internet. It has already served many a person to spread his thoughts of a complete destruction of this world. This can also happen when using games that glorify violence in virtual space.

We are experiencing a situation where logic is broken and the privilege of a few is used to their advantage. Many dialogues are conducted there solely for the purpose of securing the supremacy of some. Neither the argument nor the logic should be dependent on a person, but rather speak for itself.

But all this is predetermined for us. At times like these it is so difficult for a person who is detached from such things to interact with a public that temporarily acknowledges such things or even does them themselves. Often one has already gotten into a defensive role because of a correct view. How much this affects you. How can one still be able to develop one's own thoughts or ideas when one has to protect and assert oneself so much?


An upright stand of man

An important effect of writing one's own texts will be, besides the unravelling and unfolding of the actual words, their intentional assertion. Schneider does this so readily because they correspond to him.

This artistic creation is sometimes a personal matter with weight for his own existence. Those confessions, of which he gives something in the 'Construction Kit', are given to him. He has anchored himself to them in order to be able to live and be there himself.

The actual language has a high significance for the shaping of a reality of life as a human being. With their help you can stabilize your life and also support yourself. Man attracts many strengthening thoughts and ideas when his fellow men first welcome his behaviour. The word of man has a certain weight in itself, which can be maintained once it has been observed and understood. Then one draws a possible benefit from it. That world of thoughts and ideas given to us is shaped by our own experience. That's what's so important to us. But it is also easy to control, because we often determine ourselves what we are dealing with.

But human existence should be a truth in itself. As a process, it has the meaning of our existence and its realization. It will rightly be preserved by us as it is. What we are given by this, it shall be what comes into our possession. Some of it will become our property in the meantime. We urgently need one. It represents the basic material for the further life. Let's not just refuse what we're given. This idea should accompany a person on his or her way. Meanwhile, the option of creating one's own work exists as an option to improve all these goods.

A man who can't live with anything won't get by on his feet. This brings with it the nature of a human being. That's where Schneider once summoned all his courage and came to terms with the 'Construction Kit' as a whole. Now you should gain insight into it and convince yourself who he is, what he has and how he implements his own good. Even he himself becomes aware of many things. He can hear that. In the process, he has acquired this access to his artistic work as it exists now.


Activity of a writer

Schneider's task as a speech designer is still to take the existing material as a guideline and use it to create something useful. For this purpose, he collects his thoughts and ideas and depicts them with the linguistic means given to him. There he writes down such things as they are thought through and perceived by him in everyday life. In the meantime, a lot of things have been completed for his existence, which he then elaborated further afterwards. He left out other things because he didn't care about them.

He writes down his texts in the way he has perceived the experiences associated with them. His writings are to be understood as documentation of what constitutes his life. He therefore prefers to create his literature in a way that you can read and understand. This work appears in the network Internet and some of it also as a book. Schneider worked on it 'live', that is, while it was already online. He still continues to do so. This is why he also calls the individual elements of these Wikis. The presence of these things here should lead you to get used to what he has accomplished. But all that they can find here has not been easy to fulfill. What you will find here, he first had to grasp, create and process. The knocking down of the linguistic form for this has basically already taken place. Now he mostly has to sift through and confirm what is there on his own.

Will all this be enough to make a reading of it as it appears here? - Let's just take a look at the requirements of it. This is about Schneider's artistic work and its background. To this end, Schneider has to form something that an audience likes to hear or see. With some attention to detail he now carries out his tasks in this area, hoping to achieve something that he really needs himself. This is supposed to be his approach to get it all up and running.

How does he proceed from there? - Schneider relies on the interaction of his texts, images and music. These things want to be perceived together by the observer and connected with each other. It is his wish that the works are easy to understand as he has provided them ([also] for you). He wants to be able to make them speak for themselves.


The 'Construction Kit'.

The 'Construction Kit' of Mathias Schneider consists of several, halfway independent Wikis. These form several clusters of his own collections of texts, with which he systematically tries to process the things of his existence. In doing so, he dresses them in a language that suits him.

A whole system of his own Wikis appears in his card index box. For him, this has become primarily a place for the preservation of his own thoughts and ideas. It is so with Schneider that he goes to this card index whenever it is time for him to do some speech formation and go into seclusion with himself.

He would like to find something of it here to read, which he once thought about himself. This should give him that space and an opportunity to reflect on life itself with its sunny and shady sides.


A good approach

Even if some of the headings of a text within his card index box are intended to be self-explanatory, it sometimes takes a number of these accompanying words to show how Schneider is thinking about what he is doing. So, it is important for him to describe in detail the circumstances of the creation of his literature. He would like to present the thoughts and ideas that have made these things possible for him and make them understandable to you.

However, the author could not determine for himself what these things he has created have meaning for other people. He would not even be able to say whether they would ever achieve a certain position. This is given, even though it will probably all have worked out well. Meanwhile his own things have remained so important to him that he wants to deal with them. He writes down one or the other of these in detail for safekeeping. There it serves him for the future also as an example for something else. Schneider has since trained his ability to use the German language and has improved his mnemonic and cognitive skills somewhat. He believes that this has now happened to a considerable extent in his case.

He does not want to see the good created here being reworked in an eloquent or even elitist manner. Then, when he himself tries to express his actual things in a good German, he does so primarily in a simple way, in order to be understood well by you for once. He would not have any other intention to do so. The purpose of these writings exists because of a phase of self-discovery and should already be justified by this. As a creator of art and literature he wants to get along with his work.

In this way he tries to achieve a certain comprehensibility of his observations by addressing them correctly. In order to acquire such a correct address in the long term, he designs all this and deals with it again afterwards. He has many considerations. Also, those people from other language areas than German should get along well with these works of his. But that would be a lofty goal, which has yet to be achieved.

What does he like to do? - All that is good, true and right is to be continuously preserved from this existence. That's what he's after. This is also why he takes such great pains to describe his own things. He attaches a certain value to this thing for his existence.

Moreover, he repeatedly insinuates that users of the Internet are perhaps people with cultural backgrounds different from his own. Such people also exist quite rightly within the German language area. Then, when they want to understand something of what he has written, it will probably be of great advantage that he tries so hard to find clear words in good German. His own decency demands it of him. He tries to be fair to one of them.


The importance of speech formation

The author of this 'Construction Kit' is looking for the right approach to a good word. He is still trying to find something of special value that will be worth saying. That's hard. He still wants to write down his thoughts and ideas about what he finds so that he can clarify things. He expects this to add value to the cause. A certain life experience is given to him by the fact that he forms something that has to do with himself.

Schneider is training in this matter. He reads, listens and corrects his texts himself. His ability to communicate in his language gradually increases somewhat. That may justly please him, in his own mind.

He works out his own writings as a language designer according to simple rules and principles. He loves it so much that he shapes single words and sentence fragments into whole sentences with a statement and expands them with a necessary context. The approaches to the formation of thoughts and ideas discovered by him in the process are then thoroughly tested for their functionality and applied. Meanwhile, he believes that such things can be presented in a uniform way as they concern him. At least he tries to design these writings in such a way that their form can be faithfully recognized and understood.


Notes on speech formation

Once Schneider has succeeded in making the context of his thoughts and ideas clearly audible in his writings, he will be able to deal with them and form something more out of them. He uses whole sentences, although previously only fragments of them had been found.

He would like to recognize a sequence of words in his texts. That is why he hires one, as will be necessary to find good thoughts and ideas. Furthermore, as a man of letters he also pays attention to the structure of his writings. This additional content of the texts sometimes goes far beyond what is described.

This can also be adopted from another text. It is not always possible for writers to shape such things in an original way. He wants to rule that out to the best of his ability, that he is merely copying something. That is exactly why he has set up a card index box for himself, which can be used as a collection of his own examples. Then Schneider wouldn't have to write off others.

In a reading of those writings from his pen, the observer sometimes has a perception of Schneider's actual language as it can be. That's to be expected. There something becomes visible before the spiritual eye and appears. A content of it can be heard by the reader, if he wants to preserve it.

At times we form our own words in an unregulated way. We're just saying trivialities. We would like to bring this under control and also prevent it. Some of his 'thought protocols' show it particularly clearly in themselves that something has been arranged in a bumpy and awkward way. However, Schneider also wishes to preserve the content of these texts. That is why he changes them rather seldom and corrects them, if he wants to do so at all, then only where he can really do it well. Thus, some of it is preserved, which is of course original, but at times also quite imperfect.

A sequence of sentences can be easily arranged in a regular manner. But a transformation of existing writings needs to be well prepared. To do this, Schneider starts again and again from scratch by reading them. That's supposed to be his yoke. If he stumbles in his thoughts or even slides down a slope, he examines the part of the text that caused this. In the process he finds out a lot about the essence of this language. Sometimes this also shows him something of his own nature. There he learns something about himself.


human error

If there can be an order in this world, then it certainly exists for all people in the same way. At least the types of a consequence of this will be uniform and clearly determined by us. How else can we hear that it's an order?


Learning a lesson from your own experience

I probably did not succeed in serving every single member of the readership with my things in a sufficient way. I have tried to achieve this but have failed again and again. This happens because it would not be possible to do justice to everyone by personally preparing their own things.

How does that help me realize it? - Well, now, in the further sequence of this text, I can tell you that it is I who am doing something wrong. At the same time, however, I have also realised that others are already satisfied with the way things are coming out of my pen. I would certainly not always be wrong with what I am doing. But some things simply work better than that. The whole thing is therefore to be corrected by me once.

Some people make it a little easy for themselves in dealing with their works. Then I won't be able to win a stitch in these. I am a thoroughly troubled person. Those goods that are available must be recognized and given a statement about their actual level, as it is currently the case. I would like to attribute one or the other correctly chosen evaluation to the already existing material here bit by bit. I will do this in such a way that the substance of these things can be shown and made clear to a third and fourth person.

Shouldn't what we say be useful for something good? - I ask myself this question as I sit and read my writings. I will give this matter serious thought. I love doing that. It's supposed to help me on my way. In doing so, I want to be honest and sincere, as well as treat myself in the same way when I look at this. I want to be able to find out at least what the current state of my affairs is.

I need such knowledge of my own in order to determine my next few steps in carrying out my work in a favourable way. This will be something necessary for once the right thing to happen. Meanwhile, the actual doing of myself wants to be marked by a sincere sense of purpose. Such a one will be felt.


A progress of the existing

The improvements I have made to the body of this and other Wikis are only intended to update them so that they remain usable for me. I read them in devotion so that I can always find that contemplative state acquired in my enclosure. Oh, I have at times in my life sought refuge in a form of contemplation because it is so good for me. At some difficult times it is necessary for me to achieve something like this. This life would certainly not be easier to live in the future than it is today. That can be assumed. I therefore also believe in the need for such personal notes as I have already given here.

It is important to myself that I know how to assert myself here before a possible readership. But I am also concerned here with not being too offensive myself when I determine my own interests. Rather, I have such a demand on myself that I would like to convey my thoughts and ideas to you in a plausible way.

To this end, I will present some of it. In my own words I did that. I'm doing this the way I can right now. When I read these texts, I take what I have written and can review it and correct it where I feel it is necessary. This is how I interact with the existing good while creating works. I do this precisely because these writings have sometimes been presented by me in a somewhat bumpy way. I'm looking into it. That's when it becomes apparent to me. It is perhaps still noticeable in the textual work that the sequence and structure of these representations of my inner world was almost always a little awry when I began to pursue my self-discovery. At that time, when these contents came to my attention, I merely logged them. What I worked through there, I soon brought to file and published. Nobody was really interested. Now I train my knowledge in this regard by reviewing my writings, but I also get a consistent essence from the fact that I secure them linguistically.

That is how it came about that, starting from my actual starting point in 2004, I let the entire path to the present exist. Thus, it is thanks to this interval of my own efforts that the substance of my work emerges. This reflects my concern in extracts. There these stand for themselves but are sufficiently well joined by me. The result of this is visible in my card index box. At the moment I still have to arrange it in some places, but some things have already reached a usable form and can be read well now. I look at this initial situation for the future of me and examine what has become thoroughly. For this purpose, I determine the structure of my inner world and bring my work into harmony with it. That's how I get something I'm glad about.

In this way I should succeed in clarifying the facts of my existence. Then this collection of statements about my life will probably also have to be weighted in detail at some point. This is something that should happen at all with the help of the Wikis in the card index box.


A Punch and Judy show against reason

I like to compare my method of presenting these things, which are contained in my card index box, with the activity of a showman. With the help of a Punch and Judy show with puppets, as they may be available to me, I want to make myself understood to the people.

Such a phase of the actual playing with hand puppets has already taken place in earlier times. As a child I played Punch and Judy for many years myself. Up until exactly my 13th birthday, I did.

Even if I sometimes had a certain longing to do something like that again, I have changed my mind about it now. This phase is now, quite rightly, regarded as completed. My good memories of it should also not be denied to me.

Writing texts in the forum Internet sometimes seems to me as if there is still a certain rest of this thing from the earlier times of my life with me.


The own world of thoughts and ideas

Again, and again I have tried, when writing my texts, to take up the thoughts and ideas that I have in situ and to bring them to file in my own words. So, I address my world of thoughts and ideas with these texts. The purpose of this should be that of a mediation of what I have been given. I will gladly prepare for you what I consider and understand. I do not want to exclude that moment of contemplation of my work.

The state of contemplation has a high significance for me. With my work I would like to document for you how this state of affairs presents itself to me. A value of this should be clearly evident.

There I have not only described my impression of how this has just come about. I'll usually give you the time and place where it appeared. This temporal and spatial determination of its presence should make further valid conditions accessible.

The entire work presented here is intended to serve as a data comparison. So, I want to put all the stuff that has already been said or written about me in relation to my real life. It took me many years of my own training to get as far as I have now finally got.

I believe that many a misleading word about me has already been spoken and written down. To free oneself from a perverse influence sometimes costs great strength, because it ties up our wealth so strongly. To resist against the arbitrary and incorrect weighting of one's own existence will be something that is necessary, in my opinion. The fact that such things are imposed on people nowadays I feel as a real negligence of society, but also as a torment by individuals.

A natural state of the given should be preserved. In this life it is necessary to find the position that is appropriate to one's nature. Nothing else is in my mind when I think about and comment on my actual thoughts and ideas.

If all this may be against some of the things I am doing, it is in keeping with myself.


To the own work exhibition

What would be found here on the Internet in terms of content or design by my own hand, that is supposed to be part of my attempt to appear before men - as well as before God and his servants - with an actual work, and to exist.

Please forgive me for this perhaps somewhat esoteric gibberish. It's part of my nature to say it that way. Everything else that you will find in my 'Construction Kit' is certainly part of myself as well. That's because I'm the one writing this down. These actual works of mine, as these words also experience, are permeated by my being when they are created. I really wish that I could exist in this way in front of an audience such as that of the Internet. One of the aims of providing this elaboration on my own topics in the 'Construction Kit' is to convey the contents that arise in the process.

If you would like to read something in my writings, please do so with care. It would not only be true that these are still untested. I also write these things down in a completely free way. At home I sit at my desk and do this and that on the side. But how can I be sure that the work presented here will have a certain value for you, which is good for you to use?

My work will be easy to name. At 'free writing hours' I do 'thought protocols'. I promised myself something good out of it. My autodidactic training as a literary man continues to progress. I have not done this work without the awareness that someone will see and read my works. After all, I write publicly on the Internet. The confrontation with a possible audience here has inspired me somewhat. Thus, little by little, I have increasingly carried out my work in a conscientious manner. This has contributed to a not inconsiderable strengthening of me. Nowadays I feel so good already that I once created these things.