From castle building to Babbel


The wonder of belonging

As a donkey, I look for the donkey.

As a horse, I'm looking for the horse.

As a dog, I look for the dog.

But what do I seek as a human being?


The love of a man for the love of a woman

Reflections take place in great numbers in the Garden of Eden.

No one will ever forgive another.

Then something comes up.

Suddenly there are rules galore,

but which would mean nothing really.

Such a thing could never last.

Until you vomit, you are not free.

That is like to be paralyzed.

Everything will be void in this way.


Seriously humorous

A joke, a joke, a joke - a laughter.

Then again, such a blast.

But it is not a laughter that echoes on it.

That's just the way it is sometimes


It misses the words

Words fail words.

It also misses the action.

It is therefore missing with us an actual meaningfulness.

That way, you will only win one loss for yourself.


No word is too much

No well-meant word will be too much in war.

Everyone enjoys a little kindness,

...because you can't count on anything else.


Better to be good, but brave

I'd rather be me, be me, be me, be me, be me.

I am, am I, me with a purpose, am I, am I, am.


Working without trickery should include the trick





Terribly true, naturally given

So much bullshit I got in my head.

Under my mop of hair it just ferments at times.

It happens to me again and again.

After many a long day at work, this is so given for me.


Speech formation with a card index box

I write many texts full of clever speeches.

Who will ever forgive me for what I said?

Who could possibly enjoy that?

My words are sometimes enriched with great thoughts

and yet I have remained blunt.

Who in this existence puts the necessary barriers for me?

Who finally knows how to straighten something out?


Vehement defence of the law

The woodpecker defends his right to a place to stay

with a fixed beak.

With this he hammers a tree to its suffering

a hole in its navel.

The bark breaks, the bark cracks.

The woodpecker still does not end here.

Deeper and deeper he penetrates.

The tree remains, what a brave one.


A protocol

I got junk in my head.

I care about junk.

I write down the minutes of my thoughts,

I often like to joke about it.

I'm gonna write all this down,

I'm laughing my head off.

It gives me joy, over and over again,

and yet keep going, keep it cheerful.


Hearing about the matter

The satirical word will be very funny once you have responded seriously. Immediately the other people look at you helplessly. If you perceive it yourself correctly, then this is really a strange moment. That's when you realize how great it all really is.



Are you satisfied? - I am by no means.

Why is that with you? - I don't enjoy knowing stories.

Yeah, what are they? - The one just now.

Yeah, well, that's life. - No further questions?